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  • My husband Mark purchased a piece me and I just wanted to say that it is BEAUTIFUL - the photo does not do it justice at all. Your service was above and beyond his expectations. You delivered so fast that he was able to give it to me for our anniversary. And his phone conversation with you was delightful. Thank you for a beautiful product and superb customer service.
    ~Joe and Andrea
  • Even prettier in person than the photo shows; excellent transaction; Thanks!
  • Fast Ship*Smooth Transaction*Great Seller*Will Buy From AGAIN!*
  • Fantastic INTERNATIONAL seller, everything is great, 10/10, thank you very much
  • Thank you for your fast and efficient service. May God bless your sales forever
  • Very satisfied....I think what you are doing for the kids are great! God Bless
  • Simply beautiful! Protectively packaged and rapidly shipped. Excellent sale!
  • Absolutely AWESOME seller, item exactly as described, FAST shipping! Thanks!!!!!

Tibet Om Kalachakra Dorje Mandala Pendant Yoga Jewelry

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Enlightened Expressions is the largest collection of Spirit-Filled and Religious Jewelry anywhere. We are committed to providing both quality and value. We offer only the very highest quality items and prices that are always fair. We hope you find just the right sacred item to remind you or your loved one of the Divine presence in your life whenever you wear it.


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Tibet Om Kalachakra Dorje Mandala Pendant Yoga Jewelry

Gorgeous Blended Multi-Colored Metals, Coral and Turquoise Mandala Ohm Necklace

This is a beautiful spirit-filled work of art in the form of a mandala design Ohm pendant decorated with traditional Tibetan Buddhist red coral and turquoise stones. The pendant has intricate golden filagree work and measures nearly 1 1/4 by 1 1/4 inches. It hangs on an adjustable black cord rith a length of between 16 and 30 inches to accomodate your taste.

This magnificent item was crafted in Nepal at the foot of the Himalayas by very skilled craftsmen who take great pride in sharing their sacred items and symbols with the rest of the world.

Few items make better gifts or purchases than spirit-filled jewelry like this. The wearer will be helped in their effort to remain mindful of God, beauty and their true purpose in life. As a gift, they will remember each time they feel the item, put it on or take it off that you were the thoughtful individual that helped them with this item. These considerations make this item PRICELESS!


We have 100% positive feedback as a seller on EBay. This is very rare. We sell great products with great prices and provide the very best customer service. Please take a moment and read what our customers, people just like you are saying who purchased Buddhist Jewelry from us just like this item:

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"Thank You for this beautiful piece. Arrived quickly and exquisite, A+I Love It**"

"Great item! I will shop here again!!"

"Super fast postage, great jewellery, would recommend highly AAA++++"

"Super friendly seller! Really went above and beyond! Item is gorgeous!"

"Stunning! Fabulous craftsmanship. A+++++"


MIKE'S SHORT VERSION: The pendant contains the Aum/Ohm/Om symbol. The AUM sound is a sound that I repeat often in both prayer and meditation as I believe that is the common sound of the name of God thru all the worlds religions. If we look at the name for God in most world religions we will see that it always contains this common Aaahh sound. Some examples are: Jehovah, Buddha, Allah, Brahma, Shivah, Dharma, Yahweh etc... In short, many people, myself included, believe that God hears us and sees us when we say his/her name or wear a representation of that name.

LONG, HISTORICAL AND PROBABLY A HECK OF A LOT MORE ACCURATE VERSION: Om, Aum, Ohm is a holy meditation symbol of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism (see graphic at top of page) with a profusion of esoteric and exoteric meanings. In modern usage Om means the Word, the "parnava," the eternal. Various accounts are given of its origin; one that it is the term of assent used by the gods, and probably an old contracted form of the Sanskirt word "evam" meaning "thus." The laws of the "Manu" say that the word was formed by Brahma himself, who extracted the letters "a" "u" "m" from the "Vedas," one from each; and they thus explain its mysterious power and sanctity. "Om" is also the name given by the Hindus to the spiritual sun, as opposed to "Sooruj," the natural sun. The word is Sanskrit. It is pronounced at the beginning and end of every lesson in the "Veda" and it is also the introductory word of the "Puranas." It is said in the "Katha-Upanishad": "Whoever knows this syllable obtains whatever he wishes." This is because all words are said to be but various forms of the one sound, "om", according to the "Upanishads." It represents the divine and the power of God. It is the sound-symbol for the ultimate reality. The three "mantras" of A, U, M also represent the outer, the inner and the superconscient states of consciousness and the waking, dream and deep sleep states respectively. And beyond these is the modeless fourth state (a-matra), which is the Self, according to Advaiata. Another way of saying this is that Om is immortal and inexhaustible. It is the symbolic expression of the creative spirit, the Word (with reference to the three component sounds), the three human conditions (waking, dreaming, and deep sleep), the three times of day (morning, midday, evening), and the three faculties (action, cognition, volition). The Om is also often referred to as the sound of the Earth…creation...the heart of existence. To become one with the sound of the Om, through visual meditation and sounding of the vibration, allows one to become one with the source of become "realized"...a "master." This last perspective of "Om" is how most westerners experience the "Om" and why it is used as an ending to many New Age ceremonies and gatherings. If you choose to experiment with this sound for your own meditation and realizations, be sure to resonate the word (long o……m….) in the deepest range of your vocal register, with a single breath. Elongate the o with an open mouth and then vibrate the m through closed lips. Keep the repetition of the sound even in duration, breathing in between soundings. After doing this exercise for 10 minutes or so, you may wish to transform the OM to AUM (ah…ewe…m…) and note the effect after 10 more minutes. It also is helpful to visualize the symbol for OM while doing this, either with eyes closed or by looking at the symbol during a wide-eyed meditation. See the symbol as a "seed" with each OM-AUM it grows inside you…until you become the OM-AUM. "Fast service. Beautiful necklace. Thanks" "Super Seller Great Buddha Thank you" "i loved it. haven't taken it off"

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