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  • My husband Mark purchased a piece me and I just wanted to say that it is BEAUTIFUL - the photo does not do it justice at all. Your service was above and beyond his expectations. You delivered so fast that he was able to give it to me for our anniversary. And his phone conversation with you was delightful. Thank you for a beautiful product and superb customer service.
    ~Joe and Andrea
  • Even prettier in person than the photo shows; excellent transaction; Thanks!
  • Fast Ship*Smooth Transaction*Great Seller*Will Buy From AGAIN!*
  • Fantastic INTERNATIONAL seller, everything is great, 10/10, thank you very much
  • Thank you for your fast and efficient service. May God bless your sales forever
  • Very satisfied....I think what you are doing for the kids are great! God Bless
  • Simply beautiful! Protectively packaged and rapidly shipped. Excellent sale!
  • Absolutely AWESOME seller, item exactly as described, FAST shipping! Thanks!!!!!

.925 Silver Gemstone OM Ohm Chakra Reiki Yoga Pendant Y

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SKU: Abhinav: Chakra OM 2
Price: $42.99
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Enlightened Expressions is the largest collection of Spirit-Filled and Religious Jewelry anywhere. We are committed to providing both quality and value. We offer only the very highest quality items and prices that are always fair. We hope you find just the right sacred item to remind you or your loved one of the Divine presence in your life whenever you wear it.


YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED: If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, simply return the item in its original condition within 7 days for a 100% refund of the purchase price. GOLD items or customized items are non-refundable. For everything else, send your item back to:

4608 Cedar Ave, #113
Wilmington, NC 28403

Please include a note inside your package with your name on it and your reason for returning it. Refunds and Exchanges may be delayed if no note is included.


We charge no sales tax as we are domiciled in a tax-free State.


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.925 Silver Gemstone OM Ohm Chakra Reiki Yoga Pendant Y

.925 Sterling Silver w/ 7 Natural Gemstones

Hand Made Sacred OM Symbol Chakra Pendant

This sacred chakra OM pendant is made of .925 Sterling Silver and holds real gemstones that are representative of the Chakras (please see Chakra information below). The amazing piece contains the following gemstones: Amethyst, Citrine, Carnelian, Peridot, Quartz, Garnet, Topaz. The pendant measures 1 by 1/2 inch and weight 8.5 grams. Please look at our item closely. It is hand made with great attention paid to every detail and stone selected. Notice that even the bail is of the very finest quality.

This pendant is hand made by Enlightened Expressions. It is maginificently crafted and among the very finest Chakra jewelry I have ever seen anywhere at any price.

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT US AND OUR CHAKRA JEWELRY? We have nearly 100% positive feedback as a seller on EBay. This is very rare. We sell great products with great prices and provide the very best customer service. Please take a moment and read what our customers, people just like you are saying who purchased Spirit-Filled Jewelry from us just like this item:

"Beautiful! great!! SUPER fast shipping! Namaste'"

"WOW! super fast! loved the extra surprise!"

"Thank You for this beautiful piece. Arrived quickly and exquisite, A+I Love It**"

"Great item! I will shop here again!!"

"Super fast postage, great jewellery, would recommend highly AAA++++"

"Super friendly seller! Really went above and beyond! Item is gorgeous!"

"Stunning! Fabulous craftsmanship. A++++" "Fast service. Beautiful necklace. Thanks"

"Super Seller Great Buddha Thank you"

"Wonderful pendant! Thanks to a great seller!"


The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word, "chakra," is wheel or circle. “Vortex” or “whirlpool” is a more accurate description within the context of the science of yoga.<></>

There are many chakras in the body, vortices of pranic and psychic energy. The chakras are also physiological centers. The chakras are associated with major nerve junctions or plexuses and also all the endocrine glands of the immune system. The principal chakras are located within the interior walls of the spinal column. Acting like junctions, tracts of nerve fibers emanate from the chakra locations. These nerve fibers are responsible for communication for different physiological functions and locations.

These nerves correspond to the nadis. Nadi means “flow”. Nadis are the channels for the flow of consciousness within the human body. Each chakra is just like an electricity pole, running electricity through wires to different locations within. The nadis emerging from each chakra carry prana in both directions — just like an alternating current. The Chakras also step down the level of intensity of prana, life-force energy, that comes into the body via the breath, and distributes the prana to all the internal organs so they can function. Each chakra is connected to a different area of the brain, acting as a switch to each part of the brain.


CHAKRA: Root, 1st Chakra (base of tailbone)

COLOR MEANING-- Love, Passion, Lust, Courage, Energy, Strength, Fast Action, Physical Health, Protection, Willpower


CHAKRA: Navel, 2nd Chakra (just below belly button)

COLOR MEANING-- Property, Deals, Ambition, Legal Matters, Selling, Career, Success, Concentration, encouragement, Authority, Communications, Balance


CHAKRA: Solar Plexus, 3rd Chakra (center of stomach),

COLOR MEANING-- Intelligence, Memory, School Studies, Accelerated Learning, Selling yourself, Clairvoyance


CHAKRA: Heart, 4th Chakra (center of breast bone)

COLOR MEANING-- Healing, Money, Fertility, Growth, Personal Goals, Good Luck, Love, Eco Magick


CHAKRA: Throat, 5th Chakra (center of throat)

COLOR MEANING-- Good Fortune, Wisdom, Opening Blocked Communications, Calmness, Spiritual Inspiration, Prophetic Dreams, Protection During Dreams, Honesty, Healing


CHAKRA: Third Eye, 6th Chakra (See Indigo)
PLANET: Jupiter

COLOR MEANING-- Psychic Ability, Spiritual Power, Self Assurance, Hidden Knowledge, Reversing Curses, Independence, Divination, Symbol of Royalty


CHAKRA: Third Eye, 6th Chakra (between and just above the eyes)

COLOR MEANING-- Psychic Ability, Spiritual Power, Self Assurance, Hidden Knowledge, Reversing Curses, Independence, Divination, Symbol of Royalty

All of our bone is either ox Bone or Ox Bone is safe and legal in all countires. We are opposed to the use of any protected species and wouldn't think of using any of their parts. The Ox bone we use is a long term customary native tradional carving material and the animals are killed or harmed for bone. The Ox species in any item containing that material is common domesticated Bos Taurus.

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